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Holisticly brand sustainable solutions rather than clicks-and-mortar applications.
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Creating long-term value for our investors through the careful stewardship of their capital.

In recent years, we’ve seen more focus from consumers and investors trying to understand if the gold that they buy has been responsibly produced and sourced. The increased demand for responsibly and sustainably sourced products has been a broad trend across all sectors. For gold, attention has been focused on approaches in place to support responsible gold mining and adherence to responsible business practices along the entire gold supply chain.

An original £275,000 [$500,000] of seed capital was injected at the incorporation of Gold Crown Mining Limited in October 2003, and it funded the early planning and development of the Gold Crown Mining service. After developing the software, and over a period of two years from March 2005, the business raised approximately £3.5m in equity funding. This money was invested in gold bars and currency to provide the inventory which the business needed to operate. The accessibility, safety and value of gold bought through Gold Crown Mining quickly made the service popular. Since opening for business in 2005 we have traded profitably every year and enjoyed healthy growth..

We now have over 95,000 active customers, from over 175 countries, holding approximately $3.8 billion in stored bullion. In fact, with more than 46 tonnes of gold and 1,100 tonnes of silver bullion, Gold Crown Mining 's customers are already holding significantly larger reserves than most of the world's central banks. Our financial strength is formidable. Our asset value per £1 ordinary share has grown to over £80, and those assets are denominated in currency balances and our own gold bullion stock, all available at short notice.

Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of GOLD CROWN and the savings of frugality.

Our Approach to Sustainability

From Concept to Reality

Investing in a Gold Crown Mining solution is about more than getting the right plant for your materials and achieving your business goals. It is about unlocking new opportunities, thinking sustainably, guaranteeing performance and maximising return on investment.


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We envision a world in which the economy works for all: where all we produce, and all we consume, can sustain us while respecting the planet, each other and the generations to come.

We enable Investors to earn a living income, shape their own future, and produce in balance with nature by working throughout the whole supply chain to make sustainability the norm.

The Solidaridad network structure was built on the idea that meaningful change grows from within communities, and a collaborative work environment based on the exchange and debate of different ideas and perspectives will create the most innovative solutions. Diversity and representation of many different perspectives and identities is not just nice to have; it is essential to the mission of reclaiming sustainability.


Diversified & Portfolio

Our diversified portfolio consists of over 200 royalties located in mining friendly jurisdictions throughout the Americas. This provides investors with lower risk exposure to gold with free exploration upside on the underlying projects.


OUR Responsibility

Our corporate vision clearly sets out what sustainability means at Gold Crown Mining and what we want to achieve, and is rooted in a belief that to operate successfully we must: Deliver long term value to all our stakeholders; and Manage our impacts on the wider environment. That is why we invest in community-led development in order to create thriving local economies and apply international best practice when it comes to protecting people and the environment. We live this vision every day.